Fresh Start

So I found my sister’s WordPress Blog (shh, don’t tell her), and also Project Wonderful while at work today.  I also remembered that my blog was at WordPress.  (Yes, I had forgotten this pertinent fact, but I have moved to Seattle and started a new job since I last posted, so that’s my excuse.)

I have ALSO been writing down my personal attempt at distilling the definition of a game down to its base parts.  Really, this has probably been done a thousand times, but it does help me to think it through consciously, and come to a better personal understanding.

This all leads back to actually starting my blog back up again. 

I have gone back and deleted some of my crappy posts from before (gasp!) in an attempt to redefine this blog thingy to be a bit less…forced?  I did leave two that weren’t too pompous, though. 

So, hopefully I’ll be posting something relevant pretty soon.  In the mean time, go check out Project Wonderful.

I’m going to go research the proper use of tags and categories now…

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