Unemployment, Christmas, and a very special lack of updates

So, how long has it been since I last updated this blog?

Two months you say?

That’s ridiculous!

Oh, wait…

So it has been a while. Let’s see, what’s happened…

So I had a job over the holidays, and then it ended…we moved to a new apartment with more than one room, and a kitchen that is not in a closet…I made a game for my Brother-In-Law for Christmas…and I’m working on a different game for the Gamma IV one button game contest.

Pretty exciting, eh?

The game I made for my Brother-In-Law is actually the first game I’ve completed since the original version of The Anniversary Game. Sadly, it’s also a terrible game made in Klik n Play that makes no sense and is only fun about one half of the time. Ah, so it goes. I might post it here if I’m feeling sadistic.

I am working on making something playable for Gamma IV, so that should be good. I’m going to have to read the rules again, but I’m 99% sure I can release it here as well once it’s completed, but I’ll probably wait until after the GDC to do that, if it does get accepted. If not, then you’ll possibly see it sooner. More on this later.

I’m also going to be posting another article on here pretty soon. It’ll be amazing, I promise.

So there. Lots to look forward to in the world of CMAG. (That’s hipster shorthand for Clint Makes a Game) So stay tuned! Or at least come back and visit once in a while. I’ll make it worth your while, as long as you’re very easily entertained.



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