It’s over.    529 games and two days later, glory has been achieved!

Oh, wait, didn’t I explain this?

Glorious Trainwrecks held an event, the 371-IN-1 KLIK & PLAY PIRATE KART II: KLIK HARDER,  this past weekend, in which ~70 people tried to make over 370 games in just 48 hours.  It was a roaring success.

Here’s a list of all the submitted games, and here are the games that I made personally.

Some highlights:

Laser Bullet 2 – More Geometrical Battles: This is one of my games, and probably the only one I made that was any good.  It’s actually pretty fun.  My high score is in the 60,000’s.

Canabalt for Pink Daleks: Pretty much what it sounds like.  Play it with sound.

Passage III: Passsaaaaaaaaaage In Spaaaaaaaaaaace: Yep.  Just play it.

Noby Noby Lol: I played this at 5 AM and almost woke up my wife I was laughing so hard.

Super Mario Hop: Let’s see…Mario sprites in a Q-bert ripoff?  Winner.

Klik & Office Writer 1994: Featuring TTS Support! I think this is my favorite text to speech application in the whole world.

Go Forth and Multiply: Manage 3 multipliers and try to get an insane score in 2 minutes.  My first score was about 5,000.  The best score I heard about was over 50 million.  With a little polish, I think this could be a real contender.

There will be a program that collects all of these in one big mess pretty soon, so that you can play any of these games from one place.  Yaaay.  So keep an eye out for that.

Hopefully this becomes an annual event, but there’s always Klik of the Month to tide me over.


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