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I can certainly be a shit head sometimes

Oh god I don’t even know how to start this.

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1000th view

I logged into this for the first time in a couple of months, and it turns out that I got my 1000th view today!  Sweet.

So, uh, I might celebrate with a post later.

For now, you should totally check out for a bunch of awesome Xbox Live Indie Games whose designers teamed up for extra publicity.  There are like 14 games coming out over the next week.

Sweet Jesus Cthulhu Saves the World looks awesome.

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It’s over.    529 games and two days later, glory has been achieved!

Oh, wait, didn’t I explain this?

Glorious Trainwrecks held an event, the 371-IN-1 KLIK & PLAY PIRATE KART II: KLIK HARDER,  this past weekend, in which ~70 people tried to make over 370 games in just 48 hours.  It was a roaring success.

Here’s a list of all the submitted games, and here are the games that I made personally.

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Quick one

Just a quick one to say that, yes, I did indeed finish my one button entry to Gamma IV, and no, it does not involve harpooning whales. That would just be tasteless.

Anyway, real whales don’t have wings, so it’s not a big deal, right?

Longer post forthcoming. It may be about the bravery and boredom of No More Heroes, and its implications of society as a whole and our obsession with the extreme…or it may be about how my dog makes weird noises a lot. I have not decided which. I also have plans to write an article about Fable II, and yes I realize that I am at least 1-2 years behind everybody else all the time. I don’t care.


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Unemployment, Christmas, and a very special lack of updates

So, how long has it been since I last updated this blog?

Two months you say?

That’s ridiculous!

Oh, wait…

So it has been a while. Let’s see, what’s happened…

So I had a job over the holidays, and then it ended…we moved to a new apartment with more than one room, and a kitchen that is not in a closet…I made a game for my Brother-In-Law for Christmas…and I’m working on a different game for the Gamma IV one button game contest.

Pretty exciting, eh?

The game I made for my Brother-In-Law is actually the first game I’ve completed since the original version of The Anniversary Game. Sadly, it’s also a terrible game made in Klik n Play that makes no sense and is only fun about one half of the time. Ah, so it goes. I might post it here if I’m feeling sadistic.

I am working on making something playable for Gamma IV, so that should be good. I’m going to have to read the rules again, but I’m 99% sure I can release it here as well once it’s completed, but I’ll probably wait until after the GDC to do that, if it does get accepted. If not, then you’ll possibly see it sooner. More on this later.

I’m also going to be posting another article on here pretty soon. It’ll be amazing, I promise.

So there. Lots to look forward to in the world of CMAG. (That’s hipster shorthand for Clint Makes a Game) So stay tuned! Or at least come back and visit once in a while. I’ll make it worth your while, as long as you’re very easily entertained.


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Fresh Start

So I found my sister’s WordPress Blog (shh, don’t tell her), and also Project Wonderful while at work today.  I also remembered that my blog was at WordPress.  (Yes, I had forgotten this pertinent fact, but I have moved to Seattle and started a new job since I last posted, so that’s my excuse.)

I have ALSO been writing down my personal attempt at distilling the definition of a game down to its base parts.  Really, this has probably been done a thousand times, but it does help me to think it through consciously, and come to a better personal understanding.

This all leads back to actually starting my blog back up again. 

I have gone back and deleted some of my crappy posts from before (gasp!) in an attempt to redefine this blog thingy to be a bit less…forced?  I did leave two that weren’t too pompous, though. 

So, hopefully I’ll be posting something relevant pretty soon.  In the mean time, go check out Project Wonderful.

I’m going to go research the proper use of tags and categories now…

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