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Bloodlust: A game containing monstrous vaginae

My wife is so sick of me talking about this game. Mostly, she’s sick of me using the phrase “Monstrous Vagina,” which I totally understand. I guess I’m just submitting everyone around me to the same horror I had to go through when I played this damned game.

Anyway! I wrote another review/retrospective for the OHR Magazine, HamsterSpeak. Check out the whole issue below:

Regrettably, since the audience for HamsterSpeak has a younger demographic, I had to refrain from posting a picture of the monstrous vagina. You’ll just have to play the game to see it. It being the monstrous vagina.


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Check it out, my words are in a place other than my blog!

Hooray! I wrote an article about a game called Missing, which is sort of a horror adventure mystery kind of game, and it’s in the latest issue of Hamster Speak. You can download the game here. It’s highly recommended.

For the uninitiated (read: all of you) Hamster Speak is a monthly magazine for the community surrounding the OHRRPGCE, an RPG maker with a small but dedicated fanbase. Including me.

I’ll be doing another article next month for a game called Bloodlust, which is a survival horror RPG. Also, it has a monstrous vagina, so keep an eye out for that when you play it.

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