Me on the internet

So I had this idea that I should just link to all of the stuff I’ve ever done on the internet, because it’s scattered EVERYWHERE. So here is your one stop shop for every place I could think of that I have ever been, from most used to least. Probably.

My Blog

Duh. You’re already here.


This is pretty self explanatory…unless you don’t know what Twitter is. In that case, you should seek help.


Mostly this is where I store the detritus of my internet journeys.


This is where most of my completed games are, if they’re not amid the trainwrecks below.

Glorious Trainwrecks

Make games in under 2 hours! That link goes to my profile, so you can find all my bizarre games and posts and things.

Slime Salad Forums

My favorite forums for the OHRRPGCE. If you don’t know what OHRRPGCE is, that probably means you’re a normal human being.


Mostly I’ve just been using this to store origami diagrams and photos.


I haven’t posted here in a looong time, but here it is for posterity.

Uhm I think that’s it. So yeah, now you can creepy-stalk me all the time and whatever it is people do on the internet. Or maybe you can just read everything I’ve ever written, ever.

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