Games I’ve been playing this week (Episode 2)

Still working my way through the Humble Indie Bundle.  Yippee!

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Games I’ve been playing this week (Episode 1)

New weeklyish round-up of games I’ve been playing!  I bought the Humble Indie Bundle part trois when it was around, and I’m just now getting around to playing those.


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False Productivity

This has been brewing in my head for a long time, but this post from Tadhg Kelly of What Games Are prompted me to write it.  Particularly, his article addresses the idea that Ian Bogost’s raging against Farmville and Minecraft  is useless. (Read Shit Crayons for the best example of this rage in my mind)

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All of my games are back online

In talking to somebody yesterday while playing Coordinate Quest, I realized that Moon Harpoon, my GAMMA IV entry is no longer on the interwebs.  This means I had the only copy.  On my laptop.  In my backpack.

Oh my god that’s scary.

So!  Not only have I started backing things up online, I have located  my games or otherwise uploaded them so that they can be downloaded again, and hopefully not lost forever the next time I drop something.  Here they are:

Moon Harpoon

My one button game entry for GAMMA IV.  Harpoon flying creatures on the moon! Hold button to fly, let go to fall, and hit again to zoom forward, harpoon extended to gloriously impale these majestic and harmless dangerous creatures of space.

Controls are Z for player 1, X for player 2, C for player 3, and V for player 4.  Joytokey is included, set to use 4 Xbox controllers.

I like this one for the one color sprites.

All of my Glorious Trainwrecks (Slightly NSFW.)

These are all of the games (12) that I have made for Glorious Trainwrecks.  Most were made in less than 2 hours; some were made in less than 15 minutes.  All of them are ridiculous.  Two Castles is a pretty cool Knytt story, and Grocery BASEing is…interesting.


1000th view

I logged into this for the first time in a couple of months, and it turns out that I got my 1000th view today!  Sweet.

So, uh, I might celebrate with a post later.

For now, you should totally check out for a bunch of awesome Xbox Live Indie Games whose designers teamed up for extra publicity.  There are like 14 games coming out over the next week.

Sweet Jesus Cthulhu Saves the World looks awesome.

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Breath of Death: Like Dragon Quest, except way less boring.

I am not a big fan of JRPGs.  Most of them consist of pressing the A button repeatedly until the game ends.  It’s like trying to read Lord of the Rings while someone is constantly vacuuming and throwing small rocks at you, except that might still be worth it.  Final Fantasy is an especially good example of this sort of thing, where the battles feel almost totally unrelated to the story, and all you want to do is GET IT OVER WITH.

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DIY Gamer

My new favorite indie game site: DIY Gamer.  Here’s a quote from Geoff Gibson, the current owner and founder of DIY Gamer, which I grabbed from the forums:

I’d say, for now, we really try to report on the tiny indie games that you know isn’t going to get much coverage. Sometimes we’ll follow a particularly hot indie game that will get treated by the big websites (Joe Danger, and Super Meat Boy) simply because as an indie blog we’re kind of expected to cover those, but, at least for me, the real passion comes from helping out games that truly have no following, and no marketing arm at all.

Thats why we started this website actually.

I think it’s a pretty neat mission.  Go check ’em out.  I’m registered on the forums as TheCube, as I am pretty much everywhere else.

In other news, I am working on an arena shooter in the vein of Geometry Wars, except that everything is easily editable and distributable…sort of a DIY Geometry Wars.  Well, at least that’s the goal.  I will also probably be doing a write-up on Breath of Death VII, and its psychological impact on the modern…okay, so mostly just why it’s fun.

Rock on!

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